Our Mission

soraya208We believe that strong and healthy is beautiful. We believe that it is possible to be transformed inside and out. It is our contention that belly dance is an ancient solution to our modern-day health problems. Matching strength with grace, The RaqiSa Method is dedicated to enhancing overall health and fitness for women. This is accomplished through a belly dance and belly barre fitness inspired program which sculpts, strengthens, and stretches muscles. Much more it burns fat and increases cardio stamina. It also improves posture, balance, and increases range of motion, and flexibility. The RaqiSa method is more than just a workout: it’s a lifestyle. We believe the Mediterranean diet undergirds the heart healthy benefits enjoyed in the Middle East. Our vision is to promote in a positive light, the Middle Eastern Culture, as it relates to RaqiSa dance and good health. We desire to reach a million women, sending this clear message: we believe that you are beautiful and full of great potential. For more about RaqiSa Fitness, visit our website: http://www.raqisafitness.com.

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